Our experienced faculty will be giving top class training for PSC aspirants. Our coaching will enable the students to clear the exams successfully and reach great heights in their career. We offers intensive coaching classes for all sectors. We have a pool of well qualified and experienced faculties to provide leading guidance to prepare for PSC exams. Our well experienced professionals prepares the aspiring students achieve their dreams.



Your ability to speak english in the highly competitive world is your biggest asset if you are well proficient.You will get marginalised in a society if you are not aware of how to communicate efficiently.Your success depends to a great extent on your ability to communicate fluently in english. It gives you a deciding edge over a candidate at odds with his skills. Our coaching offers you the deciding edge. Language is much more than a list of words and their forms and meanings as found in the Dictionaries and of structures and systems as defined in English speaking self help books available in todays market. Our coaching will help you realise that communicative competence is not only the ability to apply the grammatical rules of the language and form correct sentences, but also to know how when and where to use the sentences.Our coaching gives you an idea of the topics to be talked about in different types of speech events and writing.


Counseling is a critical intervention that can have positive benefit for survivors—including higher physical functioning, lower levels of depression higher self-esteem and assertiveness, and even decreased exposure to abuse. Support groups can be important to the psychosocial well being of survivors, particularly in resource-poor settings, where there may be fewer mental health providers.  One of the main advantages of support groups is that they enable health centres to attend many more individuals than is  possible with individual psychological care.Our Counsellors are better experienced in providing mental support and bring the survivors back to normal life.



There are a big number of employable professionals who cannot get the job because they did not perform well in the interview.Our experienced training will enable you to confidently appear before the interview panel and showcase your true potential. Our team of expert Interview Coach and Trainers will spend time with you and talk to you in confidence. The Interview Coach will systematically assess your individual strengths and weaknesses.


Assess your performance and transform your speaking abilities. From executive presentation skills to leadership communications, maximize your influence. Enroll in our comprehensive Effective public Speaking Coaching Program or prepare for an upcoming event.Our coaching enables you to deliver successful presentations.  From internal and external communications to phone conferences and webinars, Our training will make you present your ideas clearly.  


Student projects are a key connection between the School and the world of practice. For our students, it is an important opportunity to apply their knowledge and skill in a real and practical setting.Ours is a professional consulting firm with knowledge and experience in the specialized area of assisting organizations to improve their practice of project, program and/or portfolio management. The areas these firms focus on also include the supporting environment and necessary leadership that enables projects and programs to accelerate the implementation of an organizations’ strategy and the achievement of business results.


Book fairs are a fantastic reminder of the expansiveness of both the publishing industry and readers’ tastes. From horror to philosophy, history to sport, travel to crime, sci-fi to erotica the breadth of books out is mind-boggling. This is a wonderful opportunity to start or add to your rare-book collection or pick up some treasures, there’s a great selection of collectable books on offer.