Abacus is a  popular  tool used for doing  Mathematical calculations with  speed  and  accuracy. It helps overall  development  of a child. The fastest calculating system called  Vedic Maths

Has the  origin in India. The simplicity  of vedic

 Mathematics  means that calculations can be   carried out mentally (through the methods can also be written down).



Just imagine how much time your child would take to calculate a complex sum.If you train your kid with interactive abacus study tutorial, He/she can do complex calculations within seconds in mind.It has been proved that abacus calculation techniques are one of the fastest ways of doing calculations especially when it comes to large numbers. Children love to play, Our animated and interactive simple abacus study tutorial helps children learn while playing. Make your kid a math-genius with our specially designed courses. This is a method of calculation, performed on a visualized abacus in the mind.


What your mind thinks, sees, believes, feels is all sent to your sub concious mind.Your Subconscious Mind then works with the universe and creates your reality based on the messages that orginated in your mind. But its not enough to simply imagine it and then hope it happens. That's not the way it works. If you can imagine it you can achieve it -- but you need to know how to use the power of your mind and subconscious mind. Your mind can create wonderful things for you -- if you train your mind how to use that power and how to send the right messages to your brain. Most people never really using the power of your mind and subconscious mind.



Many people do the mistake of setting goals just to have something to go after and not because they really want to achieve something in life,as a result people will loose motivation later on.A person might start to pursue a certain goal just because he got inspired by his friends doing it but later discovers that this is not what he wants in life and as a result the guy loses motivation.


Stress is a basic part of life. Experiencing some amount of stress in our lives is protective and adaptive. Our responses to stress help our minds and bodies to prepare for difficult challenges, and to react appropriately in a time of crisis. There are numerous steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of stress and many of them are simple. Our course contains simple steps that you can take to help minimise or avoid stress.

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Memory, like muscular strength, requires you to “use it or lose it.” The more you work out your brain, the better you’ll be able to process and remember information. But not all activities are equal. The best brain exercises break your routine and challenge you to use and develop new brain pathways.Our courses are designed in such a way that it helps you to bring the hidden genius in you.


Most leaders today create with an eye toward an already existing, or probably a known outcome. But sometimes, we know something else is possible before we know exactly what it will look like or how it might come about. What we know, and want to share, are the tools that allow you to create beyond anything  our current world has ever seen. Haven’t you always known something else is possible? But, our current world is constructed to stop us from creating what has never been done before. It does this by invoking and perpetuating fear.