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Handwriting  Improvement Solution

Why one should have good handwriting skills?

  • It i helps in understanding the language better.
  • It is fountation of your education on which the
    structure of higher studies is built.
  • It increase the communication skills
  • It increase the vocabulatory ie, the number of words
    in the directory of mind
  • Handwriting carries huge significance
  • It enhances the memorizing ability
  • It increases self- condifence and self -reliance

Why it adds value to what has been written?

  • It incorporates creative thinking skills
  • It reflects an individuals personailty traits
  • It increase the ability to express thoughts

Every student wants to learn the perfect  art of  penmanship, but the fact is that every 3rd  school  going child has problem  in handwriting. To help  improve  handwriting  for kids,  parents and teachers advice  them to write  properly,  neatly, big of small , slowly or beautifully etc…  But  them are all  write advices, nobody  tells these are all  value  advices,  nobody tells them  how to write. We at right teach the students  “How To write”.